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Friday, September 4, 2009

Irresponsible Indian Media

Racial Discrimination in Australia
which now talk of much disarray in India & is being published by Indian media daily as a wild fire discouraging students to enroll themselves in Australian institution is not a good sign of healthy media. If cases are the cause of concern they why media is not giving importance to the outcry of the north eastern students who are from our own society & are being treated like foreigners & facing discrimination on daily basis whenever they venture out in other states of our country.This is not only happening with North easterners but also in all the other states or regions which are linguistically, racial & culturally different from others.

But since this is happening outside & giving much spice to the news while also at the same time providing international attention; media is hyping it just increase the TRPs & readers.

When will the Indian media will show the true responsibility & give the full coverage to the similar issue which are hurting our integrity & are responsible of increasing social unrest on our nation.

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