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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Un-Regulated Eco Tourism destroying Wild Life National Parks in India

Resorts near & around Wild Life National Parks in India are a big menace. Slowly making the paradise a green caged zoo. This must be controlled. The govt must put checks on the progress & corruption of officials who are making / acting as a facilitators to investors ultimately increasing the numbers of tourism real estate in the vicinity. This not only giving rise to Poaching activities by making forest more accessible to high profile ones but also putting immense pressure on already crumbled & flawed system / infrastructure of the Indian Wild Life Parks.
The most prominent ones like Corbett, Bandhavgarh etc. Where not only the precious forest land is being sold to greedy investors but also transform the heaven into the slowly intruding urban mess. Most of the people coming to these parks are neither being properly updated nor being controlled by the forest staff. & to add oil to the fire the resort owners are exploiting the serenity of the environment by providing non Eco friendly activities & facilities which are major proving disturbances in the conservation as well as the non-blending of the human visitors to the park.


  1. Resorts are a nuisance, so are the scores of citiwallahs (read: Indians) who throng the park for a change in addas for Daroobaazi. The only fundamentalist stop to this would be the promotion of eco-tourism as a means to ‘Train’ and ‘Educate’ our superficially literate janta, culminated with stringent (and applicable in actuality!!) punishment for all offenders i.e.; right from the bevy of parties involved in illegal land encroachments to an individual littering the place with something as petty as a toffee wrapper!